Save Water Save Life Drawing | Save Water Save Earth Drawing for Kids (2023)

Today we have come with a save water save life drawing. We know that water is one of the essential sources of living for everyone. Thus without water, not a single living being can survive in this world. Everyone should spread awareness to save water. So we have brought some save water save life drawing, to teach you and spread awareness.

on the occasion of world water day or something else, some drawing competitions on save water save life drawing are often organized at school or some other educational places. That's why we are sharing some of the best save water save life drawing with you, so you can get an idea to win the competition in your creative way. Saving water is one of the primary responsibilities of every single human being on the earth. To make ensure a better future and a happier future we all need to take some necessary steps towards saving water now.

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Here we have shared some save water save life drawing, so you can learn to save water save earth drawing as well as become self-aware.

World Water Day

Water is one of the essential sources of living for human beings as well as for every living being. World water day is celebrated globally on 22 March, since 1993. on 22 March, World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of saving water across the world.

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Save Water Save Life Drawing | Save Water Save Earth Drawing for kids

Water conservation is one of the most important duties of every human being. It includes every single drop amount of water used. Water is necessary for the nourishment of every single life on earth. Water is the most important thing for agriculture.

Here we have shared some save water drawing or save water save earth drawing for kids. These drawings are often required for drawing competitions or to spread awareness.

Distribution of Water on Earth

Water is the main reason behind life on earth. Water is the other name of life. If you don't know about the distribution of water on the Earth's surface. Then you should know about this exceptionally uneven distribution.

There is only 3% fresh water on Earth's surface and the remaining 97% of water is situated in the ocean. About 3% of freshwater, which is distributed into three parts.

  • 69% of it is situated in glaciers.
  • 30% is underground.
  • And less than 1% of the freshwater resides in lakes, rivers, and swamps, etc.

Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is the shortage of sufficient water resources in a particular area. When water is unavailable and fails to meet the demands of water usage within a territory, it's called water scarcity.

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These water problems are getting worse day by day due to the negligence of usual water bodies like tanks, lakes, and ponds. as well as abuse of groundwater and the wrong preservation process of surface water systems have increased the problem. There is no doubt that this problem will keep increasing in near future.
Though water scarcity problem has shown up in a lot of countries in past years. So, we should look forward to conserving water. Here I have shred some save water save earth drawing to spread awareness and for drawing ideas.

Drawing on the Importance of Water

Water is the main reason behind life on earth. Water is a biological solvent that works as the dissolution of vitamins and minerals in the body. Also, it works as a transporter. Our human body is 75 % water.

  • Water keeps the human body healthy.
  • All living creatures need water to survive.
  • Water is essential for the digestive system.
  • Water keeps us clean.
  • Good for the garden.
  • A little lubrication.
  • Green energy.
  • Fun to play on for kids.
  • Keeping us fit.
  • Swimming.
  • A sense of majesty.
  • A source of biodiversity.
  • Agriculture.
  • Waterway trades.
  • Water is what unites us.
  • Cooking.
  • Bathing.
  • Hydroelectric power.
  • Drinking.
  • Tourism.
  • Recreation.
  • Transportation.
  • Industries.

Water Conservation Drawing

What is water conservation?

Water conservation is a project or process that allows us to preserve, control, and development of water resources, both surface and underground water.

Water conservation has an important inspection in each part of the earth. It is even important in places where water seems to be enough. To reduce the excessive use of water It's the best sensible and environment-friendly approach. We have to utilize water likewise which puts less weight on our waste product treatment facilities.

Since the past fifty years, water (H2O) extraction from icebergs has expanded by 3 times. Global warming is a real threat to us, as it can aggravate these water shortage problems in some places. As a result of Global Warming, it can create water shortages in other places too. The old methods are being brought back to conserve water, by harvesting, transporting, and storing rainwater. These are the old and tried and true methods to conserve water. You will find more ideas about water conservation on save water save life drawing.

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Save Water Save Earth Drawing for kids

Importance of Saving Water

Clean and safe water is limited as there is only 3% of freshwater available on earth. As for the people who have access to fresh water, they should be aware of water wastage. To avoid water wastage they can take some necessary steps towards their consumption of water. Everyone knows that the planet is mostly covered with ocean and its saltwater. At present we have come up with some technology that helps us to drink saltwater from the ocean. But to drink that water, it has to go through a desalination process, which is totally expensive and not affordable. However, saving water actually means a lot to all the living species on Earth.

Some events like drought can create problems accessing clean and fresh water. To save as much water as possible, people need to take extra steps to overcome the excess use of water. Around the world, in some areas access to fresh water is limited because of pollution. So they need to take some necessary steps towards this problem.

Water is Life Drawing

Everything on Earth needs water to maintain itself. But abusing this water means that we are reducing its ability to give us this fundamental necessity. Earth will always have the same amount of water as Earth is a self-contained ecosystem. However, water is a limited resource, but the human population growth is putting a strain on water supplies. The amount of freshwater is decreasing day by day due to the pollution and contamination created by humankind.

Above that, we are not only polluting the water for us but also for all of Earth’s creatures, by sending chemicals like oil and fertilizers and dumping waste through the rivers. Ultimately, all of this ends up mixing in the ocean.

Without freshwater, no one can survive for long. Water conservation is the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way to reduce water demand.

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Drawing on the Way of Conserving Water

There are a few numbers of ways to conserve water properly and utilizing the limited water supply wisely is one of them. Keep in mind that we have limited availability of water supply, so we need to use it properly. Remember that it is our responsibility to understand the situation and learn more about water conservation. Nevertheless, find ways to help keep resources clean and safe for future generations.

Few ways to conserve water:

  • Turn off the taps
  • Shower with less
  • Save up your dirty clothes
  • Reduce food waste
  • Time your gardening
  • Catch rainwater
  • Get a low-flush toilet
  • Quality and seasonal eating
  • Boil what you need
  • Be plumbing prepared

Water Cycle Drawing

What is the water cycle?

Remember that the water cycle is also known as the hydrologic cycle. It is a cycle that needs the endless circulation of water in the Earth-atmosphere method. The most important of the many processes involved in the water cycle are Evaporation, Condensation, Sublimation, Precipitation, Transpiration, Runoff, and Infiltration. Even though the total amount of water in a cycle is largely constant, its distribution is constantly changing between different processes.

  • Evaporation
  • The first step in the water cycle begins with the process of evaporation. It is a process where surface water turns into water vapor by absorbing heat energy from the sun. Reservoirs such as seas, lakes, rivers, and pond water are the main sources of evaporation on the earth. Throughout the process of evaporation, water moves from the hydrosphere to the atmosphere.
  • Condensation
  • As water evaporates into water vapor, it rises into the atmosphere. The water vapor is converted into very small particles of ice/water droplets. It happens due to low temperatures, at higher altitudes. This process is known as condensation. Later, these tiny particles combine to form clouds and fog in the sky.
  • Sublimation
  • In addition to evaporation, sublimation provides water vapor in the air. In this process, ice right away converts into water vapor. It does not convert into liquid water. This incident only happens when the temperature stays low or the pressure stays high. There are a few main sources of water from sublimation. These are the ice pleats of the North Pole and the South Pole and the ice caps on the mountains. This process is slower than evaporation.
  • Precipitation

  • Later, the clouds pour down as precipitation due to wind or temperature change on the earth's surface. This phenomenon happens because the water droplets combine together to become larger droplets. Also when the clouds cannot hold any more water then it falls down as rain.
  • Transpiration
  • As the rain comes down on the surface, the soil absorbs some of the water. Later, this absorbed water takes part in the process of transpiration. It is a similar process to evaporation where the plants turn liquid water into water vapor. This water is used for photosynthesis by plants. The extra water leaves as water vapor through stomata. Following this process water enters the biosphere and departs into the gaseous phase.
  • Runoff
  • As the water pours down to earth as rain, it leads to runoff. Thus, runoff is a process where water moves over the earth's surface. Just as snow melts into water, after that it also leads to runoff. As water flows over the soil, it displaces the topsoil. It also helps the minerals to move along with the stream. This runoff creates channels, rivers when it combines. In this process, at last, it ends up in lakes, seas, and oceans.
  • Infiltration
  • Not every amount of rainwater runoff into the rivers. However, some of this water is absorbed by the plants, or eventually, it gets evaporated. Thus, this water moves deep into the soil and gets stored there. This process is simply called infiltration. As the water drips down into the soil and it increases the level of the underground water. It is drinkable freshwater.

And this process continues in a circle. Evaporation of water, formation of clouds, and rainfall, the whole continues in a cycle.

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Save Water Save Life Drawing | Save Water Save Earth Drawing for Kids (6)


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