How Do I Know If My Jeep Has A Limited Slip Differential? | [2023] (2023)

A limited-slip differential is gradually becoming a common feature of most modern vehicles. However, it is not the most common type in the automobile world.

Instead, it is the most preferred by most off-road users.

Off-road driving is quite familiar to Jeep users. But before you set off on that journey, it is essential to know if your car has this feature or not.

So how do you ascertain the presence of the limited-slip differential feature in your car?

The Metal Tag on your rear axle and the VIN are some of the ways to know if your Jeep has a limited-slip differential. The metal tag or your rear axle could be helpful if you changed your Jeep’s differential. Manual inspection is another way to confirm if you have a limited-slip differential.

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Does my Jeep have a Limited-slip Differential?

How Do I Know If My Jeep Has A Limited Slip Differential? | [2023] (1)

Some Jeep trim levels do have a limited-slip differential as an optional feature. You might find that the same trim level has a differential that is not the same in all cars.

When a car trim level has an optional feature, you can only get it based on a specific request. If there are no requests made, the factory installs the default feature.

In this case, that is mostly the open differential.

Most Jeeps today have the open differential, the most common type in the category. However, many road users today prefer the limited-slip differential.

This preference is due to the differential’s seeming advantages on rough terrains. The limited-slip differential also comes into play when driving on roads with low traction.

However, some cars have a limited-slip differential as the standard feature. This feature means that the vehicle will always have the differential as its factory option.

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You don’t need to make specific orders for this.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, for instance, has a limited-slip rear differential. It is the type of differential you get when purchasing this car with or without any specific request.

If you are a potential customer, you know where to start your search.

Do all Jeeps have a limited-slip differential?

The limited-slip differential is not a feature on all Jeeps. Several factors determine what kind of differential you have in a car.

One reason is that the limited-slip differential is relatively new compared to the open differential.

A limited-slip differential does not only send torque to the wheels. It also distributes power based on the level of traction on the different wheels.

This difference in power in varying situations shows that the feature is more advanced than an open differential.

Another reason you don’t find a limited-slip differential on every Jeep is the cost. The open differential works on an elementary module of operation.

They are easy to install in your vehicles. This ease is why it is the preferred option by the factory.

Another aspect of the cost that affects the expected availability of this feature is the cost of maintenance. The mechanism is different, and so are the compartments.

For instance, a limited-slip differential axle uses lubrication differently from others in its category.

However, due to the availability of aftermarket limited-slip differential, many wonder if they can install this feature on their Jeep.

The good news is that you can always install this feature on your car. You can install a limited-slip differential in the rear axle with an open differential on the front wheel.

There are two options available to you in this instance. The first step is to install the factory version on your car.

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Alternatively, you can visit your local auto mechanics for installation. Comments from Jeep users that considered this option shows that the latter option is often easier.

Will My VIN Tell Me if I have a Limited-Slip Differential?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) can help you identify the rear axle differential you have in your Jeep.

The VIN can show you a lot of standard features in your car. These include the transmission type, the gear ratio, and many other features like alarm system,

VIN is primarily valid for identifying a limited-slip differential if you have a new Jeep. Why is that?

The VIN reveals the essential features that are original to your car. If there is any modification to your vehicle, the VIN will not show it.

If you purchase your car from another user, it becomes difficult to use the VIN. However, if you have a new product or the Jeep has always been yours, you can use VIN.

The dashboard is the most accessible place on your Jeep to find the VIN. The dashboard lists several features and identification markers.

Your vehicle’s VIN is one of them.

Once you have your VIN, you visit the Jeep VIN decoder website. Enter the number and check for the type of rear axle differential.

The front axle differential is always the same– open differential.

How to Tell if My Jeep Has a Limited-Slip Differential?

There is another option available to you, and that is self-inspection. This option is often the final and definite option for many vehicle owners.

However, it requires some form of labor and essential equipment. This requirement is why many leave this as the last option.

It involves turning your wheel manually to see what type of differential is present. There are a few steps to follow, and you have your answer in no time.

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Park your Jeep in an open space and raise the rear axle using a jack. It would be best to use a wheel stopper to hold the front wheels to avoid movement.

Once the front wheel is secure, you have raised the rear axle. The next step involves your transmission.

The transmission should be neutral to allow for the rolling of wheels. Additionally, the emergency parking brake should be off.

The next step is to rotate one of the wheels and check what happens to the others. You have a limited-slip differential if the second wheel runs in the same direction as the first.

You have the standard open differential if it turns in the opposite direction.

How Do I Know What Differential My Jeep Has?

How Do I Know If My Jeep Has A Limited Slip Differential? | [2023] (2)

Your Jeep has its specific series and model. The type of differential in most Jeeps is always a function of their series and year model.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, for instance, has a limited-slip differential at the rear axle. So if you have one of the trim levels in this series, you can expect it to have the feature.

Other series like the Jeep Wrangler does have the limited-slip differential. However, for many vehicles in this series, this feature is optional.

Knowledge about the model and series of your car is an excellent place to start. It becomes easier to know the type of differential in your vehicle.

A local auto dealer or auto mechanics near you is another option to explore. Drive your Jeep to this dealer and get answers to your question.

Final Comments

There are various options available in your search for knowledge about your Jeep’s differential.

Knowing what you have or are about to get can influence your choice of travel and terrains.

So use any of the options before you. You can also use more than one option, to be sure.

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